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Financial Support Services

Financial Support Services

We can finance innovative companies from concept (Seed) through early-growth (Pre-A). PLUS Connector can provide early-stage seed funding for high-potential, high growth companies.

We can also provide growth funding (Series pre-A) for more developed earlier-stage companies looking to accelerate their growth by entering the US and/or Polish Markets.

We can bring other funds and investors to ensure your company has access to the steady stream of capital you need to create and grow.


We're in it for the long run.  

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Business Development Grants

We've obtained over $400 million in research and development (R&D) grants for innovative companies to develop new or improve existing products, processes and services.


Our grant applications help fund feasibility studies and development along-side with academic institutes in Poland.


PLUS Connector Ventures works with leading partners to ensure the availability of this valuable funding source across a wide breadth of sectors from concept to funding.

Let us help you.

Development Grants

Business Support Services

  • Registration of your EU subsidiary.

  • ​Full Accounting Services.

  • ​Legal Council from KRW Legal or SSK&W Law Firm.​

  • ​Headhunting and Recruitment Services.

  • Office space for one year, in Poland's largest ecosystem/co-working network. BEin Offices brings together like-minded individuals, alongside with a strategic infrastructure for a strategic expansion.



We will be both an investment partner and advisor.

Support Services
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Strategic Networking Services

Our partners are all leaders in each of their respective industries.  We work closely with established partner investors and funds in the United Stated and in Poland and can help you achieve.

We can connect you to industry leaders in your sector.


We connect.


BioTech Consortium Conducting Clinical Trials

Access to laboratories, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, and top professors from the most prestigious Universities in Poland and Polish diaspora through our partnership with Polska Innowacyjna (


We can help with:

  • Investment

  • Protocol

  • CRO

We support.
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