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Randall Reade

Randall Reade co-founded The Washington DC ArchAngels in 2011.

He has reviewed thousands of companies and has established a network
of investors throughout the US and the world, and advises companies on what investors are looking for when making investments. Mr. Reade has conducted dozens of workshops and courses on how to analyze a company, negotiate a term sheet and put a valuation on a company, and about the perils of hiring consultants. He is active on where he has answered thousands of questions
on the topic of entrepreneurship, angel investors and venture capital, being named a “Most Viewed Writer on all these topics. His articles have been published
in The Huffington Post and Inc. Mr. Reade has brought several US companies
to China seeking investment and access to their vast markets, as well as has assisted several dozen companies in entering the US market. He was also
the Chair of the International Committee for the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the largest tech council in North America, and hosted several foreign delegations of companies to the US.

Mr. Reade previously worked at the US Department of Labor, and is a law graduate of the Case Western Reserve University of Cleveland, Ohio.  

About The Washington DC ArchAngels: Founded by Dan Loague and Randall Reade in 2011, The Washington DC ArchAngels (WDCA) presents globally scalable companies to a wide variety of investors. The WDCA has reviewed thousands of companies and presented over 800 in the fields of IT, biotech, medical devices, life sciences, consumer goods, robotics, cyber security, clean tech and green tech, and has raised several millions of dollars for various companies. Two of their companies went IPO, and a large percentage of their companies were acquired, resulting in positive liquidity events for the investors. The WDCA team is experienced in advising companies on growth strategies
and has taken a Board seat on several of their companies.

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