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For over ten years the Washington DC ArchAngels have been building a network of investors that use “know-who, know-how and know-capital”.


The Washington DC Archangels was established as a collaborating partner of Ventana Capital, Irvine CA, and has a Chapter relationship with the Orange County Archangels (California), and Chicago ArchAngels.

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The Chicago ArchAngels is a preferred provider of risk capital for early stage and seed stage companies in the Midwest and around the country. We accept companies through a referral process within our network, and we cover a wide range of industries. Past presenters have included innovative start ups in medical devices, health care, health care information technology, digital technology, manufacturing, green technology, clean energy, financial services, education, consumer products and other industries.

Our focus is on innovative companies that we expect to achieve technological proof of concept and customer validation with planned market domination. Ideally, companies are seeking between $500,000 and $3 million in their current round.

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Poland Innovative supports Poland in becoming one of the global centers of innovation and business. `


Poland Innovative brings together the representatives of the worlds of science, business, startups, public or private institutions, and NGOs who are Poles or have Polish origin.

We create valuable projects for the inhabitants of Poland and the world. We are guided by the sentence "think globally and act globally".
Many of our projects are in the implementation phase and you will learn more about them by participating in our events.

Community - brings together hundreds of mentors, experts, and active members.

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Our goal is to help companies develop and reach the peak of their capabilities with the use of European Funds. We deal with complex application documentation in order to as quickly and efficiently as possible gain access to capital allowing our clients to purchase infrastructure or other resources to not only compete with others, but also enter new markets.

Tall Building

BeIn Offices is the largest group of office spaces in Poland. 

  • 24/7 Access 

  • 5 Cities

  • 5 Spaces

  • 1 Ecosystem

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